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After 20 to 25 years of service, a mechanical clock needs to be rebuilt. After this length of service, a number of bushings (the part that the gear ends go into) get worn.  Instead of being round, they are egg shaped. This causes the gears to improperly mesh and will stop the clock. To replace the bushings, the clock needs to be completely disassembled.   A rebuilt clock carries a 10-year warranty.

(With newer Clocks the cost to rebuild is vertually the same as a new movement and we recomend the new movement.)

The Rebuild Process

1.  The clock  is is completely disassembled.

2.  All parts are placed in an ultrasound bath with mineral  

     spirits for 30 minutes to remove the dust and grease.

3.  The parts are then tumbled in a jewelry tumbler to polish 

     and remove tarnish. This cleans the surface of all the parts.

4.  All the pivot holes on the plates are cleaned (point where 

     the gears mount into the plates)​.

5.  All pivots (the ends of the gears) are polished.

6.  The clock is reassembled, oiled and the bushings checked.       If bushings are required, the plates are removed and the          new bushings are installed.   

7. The clock is then reassembled, set to factory standards             and timed-out for several days. 

8.  The clock case is cleaned and the rebuilt movement                   installed.

The clock is now ready to run another 20 to 25 years and has a 10-year warranty.

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