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11620 N. Florida Ave., Tampa, FL 33612

Phone: 813-777-3437

Email: info@boydclocks.com

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Daniel Quare Year-going Long Case Clock c. 1695 - $250,000

Daniel Quare (b. 1649) was the 70th Master of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, the guild which regulates clockmakers in the City of London.  Quare’s year-going clocks hold a prominent place in the London Science Museum and as clockmaker to King William of Orange, his timepieces adorn the royal palaces of the United Kingdom.

 This bespoke timepiece, purchased by the current owner in England during the 1980’s, features a date wheel, porthole moon-dial and hour strike.  The movement has been carefully restored and keeps excellent time.   Suspended by fuzee chains, the driving weight for the time side is approximately 60 lb. while the strike’s weight is approximately 80 lb.  The case is in fine condition and has had minimal restoration work performed and has recently received a professional French Rub.  The original instructions for setting up the clock are still present on the inside of the case door. 

 This unique piece will make an excellent addition to any private collection or museum.  Purchase price includes lifetime maintenance by Boyd Clocks, and annual winding upon request.

Interested parties may contact Mr. David Boyd at 813-368-7862 – serious inquiries only please.