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Serving Tampa since 1944.

​Celebrating 75 years

​​since 1944

We have moved to a larger location.

11620 N. Florida Ave. Tampa , FL 33612

New Phone: 813-777-3437

​Email: info@boydclocks.com

About Boyd Clocks

  Boyd Clocks was started in Tampa in 1944 by David Boyd, Sr.  Mr. Boyd's reputation as  a master clockmaker was respected  nationally.  He repaired and restored clocks until his  passing in  2015 at the age of 86.  He is succeeded by his son, David, who  is also a  master clockmaker and has been working on clocks  for almost 40 years.  Boyd Clocks  has been servicing, repairing  and restoring Antique Clocks, Cuckoo Clocks, and  Grandfather Clocks for 75 years.  We have an inventory of clock parts  that we have  acquired over 75 years.  It is rare that we get a  clock we can't repair. 

11620 N. Florida Ave., Tampa, FL 33612

Phone: 813-777-3437

Email: info@boydclocks.com

Web: www.boydclocks.com

NEW Store Hours

11 am to 5 pm, Tue. thru Fri.

11 am to 1 pm, Saturday

Closed Sunday & Monday

11620 N. Florida Ave., Tampa, FL 33612 

Phone: 813-777-3437     Email: info@boydclocks.com      web: www.boydclocks.com


80​ Years​​

Come visit us.  We have antique Wall clocks, Shelf clocks and cuckoo clocks for sale.