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David Boyd and his son Spencer exhibiting the tower clock at the NAWCC Regional Show in Lakeland February 2016.

Circa 1680 - 1745 French Tower Clock

The clock is a Circa 1680 - 1745 French wrought iron turret clock.  It's a flatbed design similar to Big Ben in England..  These wrought iron clocks were probably made in a blacksmith shop.  The last of the wrought iron clocks is Circa 1790.    After 1790 the flatbed clocks were made of cast iron.  It would have been in a church tower or clock tower in a town or village.  Only the very wealthy had a clock, so this would have been the time piece for the entire community. The clock strikes the hour and the half hour.  

The ship was added to allow for a shorter compound pendulum so that we could display it.  The ship is a model of the "Astrolabe" a French Corvette type of a little later period. 

David Boyd acquired the clock in late 2014 and spent the next year restoring it.  It has been cleaned and powder coated.  The escape wheel still shows the design marks. It can be seen working in the shop.

11620 N. Florida Ave., Tampa, FL 33612 

Phone: 813-777-3437     Email: info@boydclocks.com      web: www.boydclocks.com