tique Clock Repair Tampa

We Repair and Restore All Types Of Antique Clocks

                                         American Antique clock repair Tampa

                                         English Antique clock repair Tampa

                                         French Antique clock repair Tampa

                                         German Antique clock repair Tampa

                                         400 Day (Anniversary) clock repair 

                                         Quartz (Battery) clock repair Tampa

                                         Atmos clock repair Tampa


                repair Tampa

We Repair Clocks By Major Manufacturers 

                                            Ansonia  clock Repair Tampa

                                            Chelsea clock Repair Tampa

                                             E. Howard clock Repair Tampa

                                             Gilbert clock Repair Tampa

                                             Hermle clock Repair Tampa

                                             Howard Miller clock Repair Tampa

                                             Ingraham clock Repair Tampa

                                              Jauch clock Repair Tampa

                                              Junghans clock Repair Tampa

                                              Kundo clock Repair Tampa

                                              Ridgeway clock Repair Tampa

                                              Schatz clock Repair Tampa

                                              Sessions clock Repair Tampa

                                              Seth Thomas Clock repair Tampa



                                              Jerfferson Golden Hour

clock Repair Tampa

                                           lock Repair Tampa

We are accepting new repair work on all clocks at this time.  

​We also make house calls on floor clocks.

To Schedule service on a Grandfather Clock Please call 813-368-7862

To contact us please use our email: info@boydclocks.com.


75​ Years​​

E. Howard Tower Clock Ybor City, Tampa Florida

New Location map

 Boyd Clocks has Moved and We Now Sell Antique and Cuckoo Clocks

Our New location:  11620 N. Florida Ave. Tampa FL 33612

New Phone Number: 813-777-3437

​Email: info@boydclocks.com

                              For additional information please use our email: info at boydclocks.com.​​                         


See restoration of Circa 1735 French Tower Clock

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Boyd Clocks in Tampa has provided clock repair and restoration in Tampa for over 75 years and are third generation clock makers.  We repair all types of clocks, with antique clocks being our specialty.  We also make house calls for Tall Case, Grandfather and other large clocks. Most of the clocks we repair are 75 to 200 years old.  Boyd Clocks was established in 1944 and is celebrating 75 years in Tampa.

Hours: 11620 N. Florida Ave.

   Fri. 11:00 pm to 4:00 pm

  Saturday 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Closed Sunday thru Thursday

No Clock Is Too Big

Boyd Clocks also maintains the large tower clock in Ybor City, Tampa City Hall and other local street clocks.

Our Specialties

Clock Repair Tampa, St. Petersburg

Clock Restoration

Grandfather Clock Service

Clock Sales (Cuckoo and Antique)

Serving Tampa since 1944.

​Celebrating 75 years

​​since 1944

11620 N. Florida Ave., Tampa, FL 33612 

Phone: 813-777-3437     Email: info@boydclocks.com      web: www.boydclocks.com

11620 N. Florida Ave., Tampa, FL 33612

Phone: 813-777-3437

Email: info@boydclocks

Web: www.boydclocks.com

NEW Store Hours

11 am to 4 pm,  Friday

11 am to 1 pm, Saturday

Closed Sunday thru Thursday